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If you have been dreaming of making every detail of your smile beautiful, then veneers are a great option for you. Veneers are much like a contact lens but for your teeth.Most commonly, veneers are made out of a very thin layer of porcelain that mimics the properties of enamel and is a great option for broken and chipped teeth in the front portion of your smile.

However, veneers are not just for chipped teeth.  With veneers, we have the control to modify just about any aspect of your smile that you don’t like and improve it.  In fact, veneers can modify the shape, symmetry, size, and color of your natural teeth and can enhance any smile. At Dental City, due to our innovative technology we are able to make your veneers thinner, stronger, and more natural than ever. So don’t wait another day settling with an “okay” smile when a “wow” smile is only one call away.


Dental City has touched the lives of many  people that have sought our care to enhance their smile with veneers. We use our advanced expertise and training in the area of cosmetic dentistry to benefit you and your smile, ensuring every smile is one to be proud of. With over 15 years of combined doctor experience, we have walked the walk and can talk the talk.  Most importantly, the process that we have curated to create your perfect smile starts with the end in mind, so we will know exactly how your smile will look before we ever even start!

Learn more about our veneer process below:



The first step of the veneer process is your initial consultation and visit. At this visit, it is our goal to determine how we can meet every goal you have for your smile.  We will take digital photos of your smile and review them together, with you leading the way. We want to know what YOU want, before we make any recommendations. This is where we differ from other offices you may have visited in the past.  We pride ourselves on being listeners first, especially when it comes to patients seeking veneers.

Once we determine exactly what you want to achieve with your smile enhancement, we will discuss the options that fit in with what you said your goals are and what align with your lifestyle. By the time you leave the office, you will know exactly how we will give you the smile of your dreams!


Once we have determined the plan for your smile enhancement, we take a digital impression of your teeth to be able to digitally design your veneers on a model of your teeth. These digital impressions are then sent to our master ceramist, who has helped us transform thousands of smiles of the years. Due to our close relationship, we are able to communicate directly about every detail we want to see improved in your smile.

The master ceramist will then mount your digital models on a simulator that mimics your mouth and designs the veneers to both the proper esthetics and function for a long lasting and natural result. This “mock up” serves two purposes, it allows you to see what your veneers look like before we begin, but it also will act as a template for the temporaries we will you to allow you to “test drive” your smile.



Now we are ready to actually begin the smile transformation process.First, we will selectively contour the teeth being as conservative as possible.In fact, at Dental City, we go as far as making a template of the “mock up” that allows us to predictably and selectively contour the teeth for veneers.  

Most of the time, we do combination contouring, meaning only the teeth that need contouring will receive shaping while the others will remain untouched. We will NOT grind your tooth to a nub. This conservative approach requires tremendous skill and expertise and is what makes Dental City the best place to receive veneers for your smile transformation.

Once ready, we will place a temporary material on your teeth to allow you to test drive your smile. This will be an exact replica of what your teeth will look like in the final product. The other benefit of this “test drive” is that it allows us to make any necessary modifications to the size, shape, and functionality of the teeth before we permanently place them. Typically we allow about 3 weeks for this process to allow plenty of time for you to ensure that your smile is exactly the way you want it.


The final step is the bonding and placement of your gorgeous veneers.This is the day that you have been waiting for. We will remove the veneers and  try in the porcelain veneers one last time to confirm that your smile is perfect before we permanently bond the veneers in place. Once we have your permission, we bond the veneers in place and make any necessary adjustments to your bite (which is typically very minimal.)  

Now that your smile has been radically transformed, you can smile and be proud of the way your teeth look!  Get ready, your friends, family, and co-workers will all love your new smile and will comment on how beautiful your smile is!



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