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Bad breath, also called “halitosis,” is an oral problem that is extremely common in the general population.


In fact, many Indians suffer from “chronic halitosis.” It is not uncommon to see patients that suffer with halitosis to combat it with breath mints and chewing gum.Though these are great temporary options, they do not address the source of the issue and merely mask the underlying concern.

Halitosis typically occurs when food particles become trapped in between the teeth, on the tongue, and around the gum-line.The natural and normal bacteria in our mouths then accumulate on this food debris until they reach the end of their life cycle.As those bacteria begin to die, they release a sulfur compound that is absorbed through the bloodstream and exhaled through the lungs leaving you with an unpleasant smell on your breath.It is possible to fight halitosis with proper oral home care including brushing a flossing, however, if you notice that your halitosis has become a chronic problem it may warrant a visit to our office.

Typically, we find that many of our patients that suffer from halitosis have an underlying dental condition like gum disease,dry mouth, or a cavity that is causing their breath to be undesirable.  

The good news is that this is usually resolved very simply with and exam to determine the source of the bad breath and either a cleaning or a filling.Once we have had the opportunity to see you and determine the source of the halitosis, we will also recommend some modifications to your daily oral care routine that should help with the day to day battle with unpleasant breath. Until we get to see you, you can read more about halitosis and how you can battle it here.

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