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Extractions are reserved as the last option at Dental City. We consider every possible treatment option to try and save your natural tooth. However, sometimes we are left with no other option but to proceed with an extraction of the injured tooth. The most common reasons that we typically need to perform an extraction is due to a broken/fractured tooth or a cavity that is beyond repair.

We know that tooth extractions can cause dental anxiety and elevated stress.That is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we can put your fears at ease.  If your mind has gotten the best of you, we can utilize conscious sedation as a tool to allow you to safely undergo the procedure without remembering a thing that happened. It may comfort you further knowing that most of our patients report little to no pain when we call to check on them the following day.

Typically, the extraction site begins to heal within a week and will completely return to normal in about 2 months. It is important to be gentle around the extraction site, especially during the first few days following the surgery.  The main things to remember are to (1) avoid sucking through straws (2) avoid spitting and (3) avoid smoking.  If you do these things, your healing time and healing process will go very smooth and quickly.  

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