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At Dental City, we create beautiful, lifelike dentures and partials that not even the most critical eye could spot.Through our years of perfecting this craft, we have come up with a sophisticated formula that ensures that your denture will look as beautiful as possible. We use the best materials, techniques and labs to ensure that your smile is perfect when you leave our office.

Most people think dentures and partials only used to replace multiple missing teeth.  While this is true, it is also useful to note that they help in replacing lost bone and gum tissue that has been lost over the years. When done correctly, a properly curated denture can make it look and feel like you had a full cosmetic facelift.  Obviously, this restoration and rejuvenation to your smile will increase not only your confidence but your oral function as well.

Since dentures and partials replace multiple teeth with one prothesis, it also makes it a very economical method to restore your smile. Sometimes, it may even be useful to utilize dental implants to stabilize the prosthesis if you have experienced bone loss and are having a hard time with your dentures staying in place. No matter what, we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive a well fitting, functional, and beautiful prosthesis that you can be proud of when you smile; because the best denture is the one that no one knows you are wearing!


Traditional dentures are a great option for many of our patients, however they do not come without their own challenges.Traditional dentures are held in only by passive retention by the bone and the gum tissue. To maximize the retention your denture, impressions of your gums will be taken and dentures fabricated to those impressions.Typically, patients with these types of dentures rely on pastes and adhesives to aid in the retention of these prosthesis.

This is especially true when it comes to lower dentures. Since many patients have lost a significant amount of bone on their lower arch, fabricating a well fitting denture becomes incredibly difficult. This means that you can expect your upper denture to fit much better than your lower denture.


An over denture is just a fancy word for a denture that is supported by implants.Whereas traditional dentures are held in only by passive retention, over dentures are aided by implants in the retentive process as the denture “clicks” or “snaps” into small attachments that are connected to the implant.

This is a very simple process and improves the overall fit and retention of the denture, especially a lower denture. Usually, only 2 implants are needed to properly secure a lower denture. At Dental City, we believe that virtually every lower denture should be an over denture. Otherwise, your lower denture will not fit well, will flop around and will create a speech difficulty.

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