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Dental bonding is a great option for anyone looking to make minor cosmetic improvements of the shape, symmetry, size, and color of their natural teeth.It is especially beneficial for small broken and chipped teeth in the front of your mouth. Much like a porcelain veneer, dental bonding replaces or fills in areas where enamel can be enhanced or repaired.

The best thing about dental bonding is that it is a very conservative procedure. Most of the time, little to no tooth structure has to be removed for optimum results.  When done correctly, it is a wonderful, esthetic, and long lasting option for transforming your smile into the gorgeous smile you deserve.This procedure is very technique sensitive which is why choosing Dental City Family Dentistry for this procedure is a good choice!

Dental bonding does have its limitations, however.  If the area needing repair is a large area, if the tooth has cracks, or if there are heavy chewing forces, it may be determined that a porcelain veneer is a better option to restore that area.  Either way, we will discuss all of your options and allow you do decide which procedure fits best with your longterm goals for your smile!

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