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C rooked teeth (also called a “malocclusion”) are extremely common amongst many of the people that we get the privilege to treat. Though often those with a malocclusion can function normally, it does lead to accelerated wear to your teeth and can put your teeth in a higher risk category to break. Ultimately, this destructive process changes the size, shape, strength, and overall esthetics of the teeth that give your face the proper shape. Additionally, having a severe malocclusion can reduce the longevity of the teeth. It is very common for patients with crooked teeth to have excess build up and experience difficulty with keeping their teeth clean with normal home care.

Thankfully there is a very simple and convenient option to address and correct your crooked teeth. Aligners has a proven track record of correcting the alignment of misaligned teeth and typically corrects smiles faster than traditional metal braces.In fact, most of our patients say that they wish they would have corrected their smile years ago because the process is so smooth and efficient.This is the preferred option as it puts your teeth and jaw in a healthier position and helps to prevent more expensive and inconvenient dental treatment in the future.

However, if you are not interested in undergoing clear aligner therapy to correct your smile, protecting your teeth from further destruction should still be of high priority. The utilization of a protective nightguard can go a long way in preventing more expensive and time consuming dentistry in the future. The night guard that we use most frequently for our patients is a full arch appliance with a smooth bottom that allows the patient to gently slide their jaw back and forth when sleeping to protect their teeth from damage. 

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