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Here at Dental City, we commonly see patients that either knowingly or unknowingly grind and clench at night. A classic sign of grinding and clenching is front teeth that are “flat” or that are chipped. Sometimes, patients will also have jaw pain or headaches in the morning when they wake up due to their clenching habit. Grinding and clenching can lead to many expensive and more complex concerns including a sore TMJ, broken/chipped teeth, and a worn dentition.

Nightguards are a great way to prevent damage to your teeth while you are sleeping at night and unaware of the forces that you are placing on your teeth and jaw joint.

There are several over the counter options that patients try, but they often eventually decide to see us for a custom appliance. Since it is custom made to fit only your teeth, it has a superior fit, comfort, and quality when compared to over the counter products.  An added benefit of a nightguard is that it will also act as a retainer, preventing your teeth from shifting over time.

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