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When someone loses a tooth or has an extraction due to gum disease, trauma, or infection, the most common replacement option that our patients at Dental City choose is a dental implant. However, implants are only as strong as the bone that supports them.That’s what makes bone grafts a wonderful augmentation to add to your implant procedure. Best of all, bone grafts provide you with peace of mind that your dental implant will have a dependable and predictable outcome.

At Dental City, To reduce the severity of the bone deterioration that would normally occur otherwise, we often recommend to fill in the extraction site with a bone allograft material, which is just a fancy word for bone sourced from a human donor.  

Ultimately, the bone graft helps to reserve the bone and surrounding area for an implant and will reduce the amount of bone shrinkage that occurs during the healing process. Lastly, to ensure that the bone graft material stays in place, and to give the gum tissue nutrients to fill in over the extraction site, we place a biocompatible membrane on top of the extraction site and allow 3-4 months of healing before placing an implant in that area.

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