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Fillings are one of the most common treatment modalities that we provide at Dental City.

A filling is usually necessary when there is a cavity on one or more surfaces of a tooth or if there is a small area of tooth that is missing.  The process of restoring your tooth back to a healthy status is really quite simple.  

We start by selectively contouring the tooth to remove the decay that has infected the tooth. Once all of the decay has been removed, we replace the area that was contoured with a hard, tooth colored material. To ensure that your teeth are able to function in perfect harmony, we will then polish the tooth colored material into the proper anatomical shape until your bite feels just as it did when you walked through our doors.    

Fillings are best suited for small areas of decay. If the cavity becomes so big that it takes up a significant portion of the tooth, you may be better suited to treat the tooth with a porcelain material instead of the tooth colored filling material.

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