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Crowns are a staple of what we do here at Dental City.There are many reasons that a tooth might need a crown in order to be restored back to perfect harmony.The most common reasons that crowns are recommended are for teeth that are broken, fractured, severely decayed or have had a root canal. Crowns act to a tooth like a cast does to a broken arm.The cast exists to hold the arm in place to prevent any further damage to the limb. The same is true of a crown. Crowns allow brittle and broken down teeth to be held together and protected by the forces that we place on our teeth daily.

Due to our state of the art technology, the crown experience at our office is unlike any other. We no longer use goopy impression materials (no more gagging).

Of course, we leave time for the dentist to selectively contour the tooth to allow space for the crown as well. Most importantly, all of our crowns are made without metal.This means that you won’t have to worry about getting that dark line down by the gums that were so common with crowns in the past.

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