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It’s true. Dental anxiety is a real fear in the world of dentistry. In fact over half of the Indian population states that they have a fear of the dentist or a dental phobia. At Denta City we have invested time and resources to ensure that your visit can be free of fear and anxiety. We want your visit to feel as relaxing as visiting a spa. We have even gone as far as to think about the aroma of our office to ensure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.

Nonetheless, many of the patients we see need a little bit of help with battling their dental anxiety and we are here for you. These patients have come to enjoy their visits, but they just can’t shake the experiences of their childhood dentist. That’s why we have extended our offerings to include conscious sedation, a safe and effective method of oral sedation that leaves you in control of your body without remembering that your visit ever happened!

Oral conscious sedation is an extremely safe treatment adjunct that has helped thousands of patients receive the care that that they need.  At Dental City, we are here for you to make your dental experience something that you enjoy.  

Don’t wait any longer.  Stop letting your dental fears prevent you from the smile of your dreams! We want to help you!

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