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F or many patients, just the thought of being at the dentist office is enough to trigger dental anxiety. Often, the fear of the dentist is so severe that some elect to postpone their visit entirely. In fact, many studies show that as much as 10% of the American population postpones or neglects their visit to the dental office due to dental anxiety or a dental phobia. Typically, patients have a fear of the dentist because of a past experience that was traumatic or because of the fear of the unknown.

These are all very reasonable and rational reasons to have a dental phobia and is why we have thoughtfully prepared a safe and comforting environment for you to receive your dental care.  Thankfully, due to our “Gold Standard Dental Experience,” we can promise you that you will feel heard, respected, and treated with the utmost care at Hamblin Family Dentistry. Our team will be sure to walk you through your treatment process along with answer any questions that you might have. 

However, if you feel that you may need more help relaxing at your visit, then oral conscious sedation may be a great option for you to relax through any procedure that you may undergo.  Conscious sedation is a very safe and effective way for you to receive care without remembering any of the details.  Unlike I.V. sedation, you will be able to breathe on your own, respond to normal stimuli, and talk during the procedure but best of all, you won’t remember a thing.

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